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GG Well Played.


Unleash your potential

Gaming tests your limits of mental focus and physical performance.
That's why Steelcase Gesture exceeds the limit of what a chair can do for your game.
Technology precisely designed for the way you sit, the way you game, and the way you move.

How do you move?

Movement is essential in maintaining comfort during long stretches of computer usage, whether you’re hard at work or pushing yourself in your favorite game.

You may take breaks from your desk or move from posture to posture in your chair to keep your body engaged while playing or working.

Steelcase Gesture supports different types of movement whether you frequently move or focus with little movement for hours.

How do you sit?

While proper sitting posture plays an important role in alleviating discomfort, you may naturally adjust to less-than-perfect posture when you experience discomfort.

You may sit on your foot, sit cross-legged, or shift in your seat to help with muscle fatigue. We understand everyone does not sit in the ideal ergonomic posture all day.

Steelcase Gesture is designed to both reduce the need to change to non-ergonomic postures and to help accommodate different postures if you sit less conventionally.

How do you game?

Part of selecting the right chair is identifying the unique ways in which you game.

Steelcase Gesture helps support a wide range of device usage, from controller to mouse and keyboard. From the variety streamer to those on a single-game grind, and everyone in between.

High performance

There is science behind every inch of our chairs, designed with the promise to help you work and play better.

Each chair has a system with high-performing elements that seamlessly work together for effortless movement and immediate comfort that lasts all day.

Full adjustability throughout for a precise fit, pressure-free seats, advanced lumbar support and optional features like headrests.

Our high-performance seating is designed to perform with excellence, so you can function and feel your best every day.

Guaranteed quality

With over 100 years of making quality furniture, Steelcase office chairs are continually ranked among the best of the best. Every high-performance chair is guaranteed with a 5-year warranty.

For 12 years running, Wirecutter has named Gesture the Best Office Chair, in “The 12 Best Office Chairs” lineup (2015-2022). Wired ranked Gesture the Best Upgrade Office Chair in 2022, stating “Steelcase Gesture is comfortable, no matter how you are sitting.”

Steelcase chairs are continually called out in the gaming space by professional and everyday players.

Better planet

We care about the impact we make on the world we share, so for over a century we’ve used our brand as a force for good.

At Steelcase, we design our products and operations around a commitment to help reduce climate change, reinforced by sustainable practices across our company.


17% off with the code FNATIC17

£699 including VAT

17% off with the code FNATIC17

£1,069 including VAT

Steelcase Gesture

With its ability to magically transform to a player’s needs, Gesture is the wizard of high-performance chairs. Whatever position or posture you switch to, Gesture intuitively adjusts with the support you need. Likewise, Gesture allows you to move in your chair without losing control of your controller or losing your position at your desk.

2 different chair backs: wrapped and with headrest

4 colours

8 unique models


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Recommended for

Moderate game variety

Play a variety of games with long-lasting comfort.

Precision-fit user adjustments

Manually adjust the chair for your body and activity with ease.

High controller use

Great for precision and control over movement when playing.

Next-level features

3D LiveBack® and Core Equalizer

The chair back moves more like your spine to encourage movement and take pressure off your core.

Optional headrest

Integrated headrest alleviates neck strain. Moves vertically, tilts forward and rotates 90 degrees.

Advanced 360 arms

Arms effortlessly adjust to support all gaming stances with and without a controller.

Global posture study

To best understand the body at work, we undertook a global posture study on six continents, observing over 2,000 people in a wide range of postures. 

We discovered that new technologies combined with new behaviours led to nine new postures - in addition with other postures already identified - that are not adequately addressed by current seating solutions.

1. The Draw

2. The Multi-Device

3. The Text

4. The Cocoon

5. The Swipe

6. The Smart Lean

7. The Trance

8. The Take It In

9. The Strunch

All day comfort

Relax neck and head

Integrated headrest alleviates neck strain. Moves vertically, tilts forward, and rotates 90 degrees, unlike typical headrests.

Position arms perfectly

360° arms effortlessly adjust to support all gaming stances, with and without a controller. Arms rest naturally, to reduce long-term strain.

Sit pressure-free

Adaptive bolstering distributes weight for pressure-free comfort with air pockets under the seat that conform to your body.

Support back movement

3D LiveBack Technology allows the back of the chair to move like the spine, encouraging movement without sacrificing support.

Gesture’s seat and back move as a synchronized system, following your body as you move throughout the day to ensure long-term support.

Back support

3D LiveBack® mimics the spine's full range of motion providing additional support however you move.

Manual adjustment mechanism

Intuitive adjustments are located on the right-hand side within an arm’s reach. Seat height- and depth-adjustable while seated.

Seat ergonomics

Seat includes flexible edges and adaptive bolstering in the foam providing a pressure-free sit.

Recline adjustments

Full recline range with 3 recline angle stop settings and an upright back lock.

Arm ergonomics

360° arms adjust through a full range of motion for comfortable support as you work with multiple tech devices and interfaces.

Adjustable headrest

Headrest adjusts vertically, tilts, and rotates 90 degrees to provide comfort and support in upright and recline postures.

Steelcase Gesture awards

We consider Gesture the Best Upgrade Office Chair thanks to its ability to be adjustable to anyone and still be comfortable.

The Best Office Chairs for Quality Ergonomics, 2022

Since 2015, we've found that the Steelcase Gesture is the best office chair for most people.

The Best Office Chairs, 2022

Steelcase Gesture is comfortable, no matter how you're sitting.

The 12 Best Office Chairs, 2022

Steelcase Series 2

Steelcase Series 2 offers an attainable and high-performing office chair with intuitive options allowing you to customize the fit of the chair. The backrest provides comfort, while the slim profile and light-scale look are ideal for the home office.

2 headrest options

4 colours

8 unique models


To view this product in your space, click the AR button and scan the QR code with your phone or tablet.

Recommended for

The tactical player

Play your game, stay focused and in flow while Leap supports your unique playstyle.

Precision-fit user adjustments

Manually adjust the chair with ease to support the ways you play.

High keyboard & mouse use

Great for keyboard and mouse users who tend to stay in one position and use controllers on occasion.

Next-level features

Absolute adjustability

Dial-in adjustability features throughout create a custom fit for long-term comfort.

Optional headrest

Integrated headrest alleviates neck strain.

LiveBack® Support System

Back support that moves like your spine to encourage movement and flexibility.

Gesture and Steelcase Series 2 are built by Steelcase in Sarrebourg – France, from scratch, for you and it's shipped easy to assemble, free-of-charge, in a 100% recycled cardboard box.

Research and Innovation

Our human-centered research has led to design innovation with more than 95% of our parts designed internally and 2,700+ global seating patents granted to the Steelcase family of brands since 1942.


Our chairs are built to last. We go beyond industry standard testing and our products are backed by our Warranty.


We create seating that’s better for people and the planet through every step of the process – from responsible material sourcing and end-of-use strategies to minimal design with fewer parts for ease of recycling.

Sit Better. Work Better. Play Better.

Our high performance seating helps you do your best work with better design, better comfort, better choice. We offer a broad range of dynamic options, all backed by Steelcase research, innovation and our unwavering standards for quality and sustainability. Explore our portfolio to find the chair that works best for you.

Better comfort

Designed to move with you

Our LiveBack® technology allows the backrest to flex and contour and mimic the natural movement of the spine, encouraging you to move and maintain a healthy posture.

Designed to keep you connected

Our proprietary seat and back mechanisms help you comfortably interact with your technologies by staying in the ideal vision and reach zone, keeping you connected to your work and other people.

Designed to fit you

Our adaptive and adjustable features intuitively fit people from the 5th to 95th percentile, allowing one chair to accommodate the broadest range of shapes and sizes. 

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